The Brain Revolution

Revolutionize Your Authentic Self

  • Safety 1st dominates your brain function
  • Align your nonconscious biases and conscious limitations to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Train Peak performance to beingnonconsciously in the moment.
  • Deepen your personal relationships through sharing each other’s core brain insights.
  • Become brain aware about all the information in your environment.


The 2 key themes of this book are:

1. Self empowerment.

It is the first era in human history that the essence of how your brain works can be assessed and new brain habits trained.

This book outlines how to assess your emotion-feeling-thinking-self regulation, and train new brain habits that make you most effective in the most meaningfull aspects of your life.

2. Brain-based societies.

The book distils the Brain Revolution’s insights and implications that are rapidly penetrating mainstream domains of society, including: education, healthcare, the media, politics, brain-computer interaction, leadership, the environment, religion and science.

About the Author

Dr. Evian Gordon established an “Integrative Neuroscience” approach, grounded in the use of standardized methods across multiple types of brain data.
He created the first standardized and integrative international database on the human brain. The database is the asset which shapes the development of, to assess the brain’s core functions and apps to train new brain habits. The platform is used for self empowerment, brain health and peak performance, including in over 40 Fortune 500 Companies employees and over 100 Recovery Programs in Addiction Clinics in the United States.
He has published over 300 scientific papers and two books (including the first book on “Integrative Neuroscience”). This is his third book, The Brain Revolution: Know and Train New Brain Habits.

He is the Executive Chairman and CEO of and The Brain Resource Company.

Dr. Gordon is based in San Francisco.

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What people are saying

This book is brief explosive guide about how YOU can be a part of the current Brain Revolution. Dr. Evian Gordon is a prodigious innovator with extreme sagaciousness discerning almost 25 years ago (1990) to initiate this revolution.
The essence of his actions was to innovate the first international standardization of methods and protocols and a database to be utilized in the measurement of human brain function (Behavior and Neurophysiology), genetics, and brain imaging in health and disease across the life span. This framework has been utilized to study many brain disorders and normal healthy subjects (i.e. twins) in large treatment and population studies. This framework allows for an unprecedented understanding of brain actions and has been utilized to develop tests for personalized medicine and online analysis and tools to empower users to have knowledge, understanding and the ability to change their brain habits to reduce stress and boost effective adaptation and life purpose.
Stephen H. Koslow, PhD, Neuroscientist, Neuropsychopharmacologist
We are indeed in the midst of a Brain Revolution, and Dr. Gordon’s work as a pioneer in this field has finally provided us with a framework that is both science-based and simple to apply. Personally, this book has been life changing, as it helped me create a new lens through which to see the world around me through strategic brain-training. Professionally, I have shaped my work around this same model in order to better serve the individuals and organizations I partner with to optimize health and performance. My brain lights up every time I read this book! Thank you Evian!
Heidi Hanna, PhD , Chief Energy Officer - SYNERGY
Dr. Gordon’s Brain Revolution taught me how to focus – focus for
myself, for the people in my life, and for my work. Learning my optimal breathing rate and challenging my brain daily with the [MyBrainSolutions] training system helped me increase my business and provide authentic, sustained value to my clients. I’m all in. .

By using Dr. Evian Gordon’s Brain Revolution system, I learned how to train my brain for increased mindfulness and emotional acuity. I canfeel the difference myself, and people tell me I am more present,calm, and focused. Dr. Gordon’s system is incredibly hopeful forhumanity – he has proven that with consistent, committed braintraining, anyone can achieve peak cognitive performance.

Will Semmes, Founder & CEO of Bellwether Partners, LLC


The Brain Revolution

For the first time in human history, you are able to assess how your brain works and train new brain habits scientifically.

Participating in this revolution provides you with the freedom to choose your authentic self.


C H A P T E R 1

5 Brain Insights and New Habits that Will Change Your Life

  1. Safety 1st dominates your brain function. The brain has evolved safety 1st and to be vigilant regarding any threats.
  2. Align your nonconscious emotion biases and conscious rational limitations to maximize your effectiveness.
    Most people presume that your conscious rational thinking is activated first, with nonconscious processing occurring later. The opposite is the case! Your rapid nonconscious judgments drive your slower more detailed conscious processing.
  3. Train peak performance by being nonconsciously in the moment.
    How do you achieve this confident brain-performance effectiveness? You can train yourself to switch off conscious thinking and intrusive negative distractions, and let your nonconscious brain take the lead, especially under pressure, so that you are immersed in the moment.
  4. Deepen your personal relationships through sharing each other’s core brain insights. Successful personal relationships are primarily about safety and magnifying what works. Research has shown that relationships are aided when there is a positive feedback that is 5 times greater than any negative issues discussed.
    However, to increase the likelihood to endure the unexpected extreme challenges over a lifetime, effective brain connection requires sharing each other’s deepest brain fears, needs, strengths and limitations. This includes each other’s automatic nonconscious brain biases, threat-reward drivers, sexual soothing preferences, and what each finds most authentically purposeful.
  5. Become brain aware about all the information in your environment.
    Assessing the essence of how your brain works and can be retrained, is possible. The Brain Revolution opens the horizon to choose  the extent of your personal participation in this ultimate emancipation, and your brain-based impact on the society into which you happen tobe born.

Why I Like this chapter:

C H A P T E R 2

Chapter 2

Know Your Brain

Key networks control everything that you fear, feel, think and do. I have distilled the essence of how your brain works into a  framework called “Brain 1-2-4.”

1. Your brain’s 1 core organizing principle is safety 1st. Once you feel safe you are better able to achieve reward.

2. Your brain has 2 modes of processing: fast nonconscious judgments and decisions about potential threats and rewards, and slower conscious detailed rational, verbal processes that occasionally override and correct your initial intuitive decisions.

4. Your brain’s 4 key underlying processes: are emotions (fast nonconsious automatic responses to threat or reward cues), feelings (slower conscious physiological changes in heart rate, breathing and sweat production), thinking (conscious focusing, remembering, and planning), and ongoing conscious self-regulation of all of these functions.

Why I Like this chapter:

C H A P T E R 3

Train New Brain Habits

Training steps to generate 1 new brain habit are:

• Select the new brain habit that you are ready to generate a benefitthat is meaningful to you.

• Trigger the new brain habit by focusing on one small specific new action (cue) that you are certain you can achieve and activate a reward (a burst of dopamine).

• Share your “wins” with family and friends and secrete oxytocin (a bonding chemical).

• Immerse in the training for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

• With practice and visualization, “Neural networks that fire together–wire together”, you strengthen the new habit into a new neural network and behavioral routine. This is likely to occur within 30 days.

• The more practice and visualization beyond 30 days – the more automatic the habit becomes for the rest of your life.

Chapter 3

Why I Like this chapter:

C H A P T E R 4

Chapter 4

Perform at Your Brain’s Peak

Training four steps to help generate brain and body peak performance:

1). Practice nonconscious positive body language cues.Control your face and body language.
2). Train detailed visualization. Visualize positive body language at critical moments in detail.

3). Shut off your stress system by training your breath at six breaths per minute for short periods of time.

4). Train negative into positive cues, especially in the moment. Intrusive negative thoughts are the most derailing zone disruptors.

Why I Like this chapter:

C H A P T E R 5

Brain-based Relationships

Successful partner relationships are commonly reported as being about safety and validation of “what works.” Consistent mutual validation (research has shown that relationships are aided when there is a positive feedback that is 5 times greater than any negative issues discussed), quality shared experiences, sex and trust, boost connectedness.

To increase the likelihood to endure the unexpected extreme challenges over a lifetime, effective brain connection requires sharing each other’s deepest Brain 1-2-4 fears, needs, strengths and limitations. This includes each other’s automatic nonconscious brain biases, threat-reward drivers, sexual soothing preferences, and what each finds most authentically purposeful.

Why I Like this chapter:

C H A P T E R 6

Brain Instabilities

All brain instabilities can be understood in terms of:

Genetic predispositions
• Deficits in Thinking-Emotion-Feeling-Self-regulation
Chemical and electrical imbalances
• Network disconnections
• Functional timing problems.

When it comes to treatment of these brain instabilities, one size of treatment does not fit all. The triumph of marketing over substance by major pharmaceutical companies, who have oversold blockbuster drugs to be used by all people with the same disorder, is a travesty.

We are beginning to see a movement toward a more “Personalized Precision Medicine”, which uses objective tests to help determine which individual is most likely to respond to what specific drug, and who also might benefit from non-drug alternative interventions.

Why I Like this chapter:


Society is a mirror of the human brain. The brain provides the only common frame of reference from which to make sense of your authentic self.

Despite the unprecedented magnificence of the brain’s highly interconnected 85 billion neurons – it has inherent flaws in its fast initial nonconscious judgments and slower conscious decision making effectiveness.

This context helps you to come to terms with the harsh reality, that “bias and self-interest” is the brain’s baseline state. And that the expectation for your own and other people’s alignment, should be achievement and outcomes over and above this inevitable  self-interest baseline.

These biases are not your destiny. The Brain 1-2-4 framework of strengths and limitations, provides you with a realistic personalized profile to select and train the new habits that are most meaningful to you.

Mastering your brain and training to shape your self is a revolutionary act that can vastly improve your sense of purpose and your life.

What if The Brain Revolution also has the capacity to change the foundations of societies? The brain is the only biological reality of a core frame of reference that all humans have in common. Culture, religion, nationalism, the 99-1% capital and opportunity gap – all highlight differences between us.

This commonality may help shift the fear-based cue triggers and shadows of “Them versus Us” that has wreaked havoc on human history, towards the more insightful brain reality of “Us.” A brain-based meritocracy would help to narrow the voracious greed and short-term actions between the 99%-1% wealth gap that recurs repeatedly across nations.

Why I Like this chapter:

The current Brain Revolution is taking hold at escalating speeds, as its participants are systematically penetrating mainstream domains of society. Being able to know and train your brain to generate new habits is beginning to shape many aspects of mainstream society.

I outline eight examples.


Selective schools are beginning to emphasize teaching children to know their Brain 1-2-4 in a simplified manner, that can be expanded in detail and training new habits as they get older. This empowers each child with a personalized framework to discover what works best for them to train stress reduction, boost their focus, memory and task completion. This increases their ability to make the decisions that are most effective and meaningful to them and gives them the confidence to live successful, creative and resilient lives.


Our group have published the first objective brain tests to help determine personalized treatment response to antidepressive and ADHD medication. This objective standardized and integrative platform, used in a stepwise personalized fashion (simplest cheapest most impactful options first), can be applied to any disorder, any medication and any alternative treatments to medication. Replicated personalized evidence of what works in big data could help to provide a solution focus shared framework to the disparate goals of the FDA, CMS reimbursement, Insurance companies, Academic universities and the individual consumer sufferer.

Religion and Science:

The brain has evolved to belong and believe in something bigger than itself, as one adaptive strategy to seek safety and stability.
Alternative views are that we live in a probabilistic world. Brain-based science and religion both serve to find meaning and purpose. The large human collectives reflected in religion may indicate an example of natural selection operating upon both the group and the individual, possibly even aspects of ultruism. However, the destructive hijacking of vulnerable people by religious extremists remains an ominous shadow in human history. A brain-based reconciliation between rational science and all moral religious  frameworks would have widespread positive implications for all. Brain-based societies may integrate the virtues from both religion and science collaboratively, rather than competitively.

Humans have evolved through hunter gatherer, tribal, industrial, information and digital revolutions.and digital revolutions.


Your Brain 1-2-4 framework will help you distill the deluge of diverse information and infotainment into what is most meaningful for you.


Authentic democracy and wealth distribution of the 99-1% gap remains elusive globally. Societies that embrace brain-based meritocracies will enhance true democracy and more equal opportunities.

Brain-Computer Interaction:

For the first time in evolution memory capacity increase in the human brain will not be due to natural selection, but will be a wearable device.


Understanding Brain 1-2-4 dynamics is already helping brain-based leaders to be more effective: from creative innovation,  communication, to implementation of short and long term solutions.

Environment, overpopulation and nuclear proliferation:

Reframing solutions into short-term as well as long-term benefits to each individual, will help highlight the fragile reality of our inter-connectedness and the adaptive choices to avert human peril. The Paris agreement in 2016 of 195 countries to constrain carbon levels was a pointer to a brain-aware future.

With insight into the Brain 1-2-4 model, including our nonconscious biases and conscious limitations in dealing with information, we can train ourselves to be self-empowered by trusting only replicated scientific data, such as evidence in anti-smoking, anti-nuclear, pro-environment, nutrition, exercise and behavior change.

The current Brain Revolution is likely to change everything, explicitly and implicitly.
It will level the opportunity space more than any previous revolution.
It will democratize the brain and make brain development a human right.

Reflect upon this. And then act!

Revolutionize Your Authentic Self

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