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Meet Daniel G. Amen, MD and

Joseph McClendon III, PhD

Daniel G. Amen, MD is one of America’s leading psychiatrists, brain health experts, and author of 12 New York Times bestsellers. He has lectured at prestigious universities including Harvard and Stanford. Dr. Amen’s groundbreaking SPECT brain scan studies, books, and speeches have helped millions of people understand and improve the “hardware” of their brain. 

Joseph McClendon III, PhD is a Doctor of Neuropsychology and one of the nation’s most sought-after Ultimate Performance Specialists. He has lectured at UCLA and Harvard, and been featured in Success Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and at numerous live events with Tony Robbins. To date, he has helped millions of people transform the “software” of their brain to shift their mindset, thought patterns, and programming.

For the first time ever, two of the world’s leading brain health experts are coming together to help you leverage the hardware and software of your brain to transform your life, certify you to help others, and impact the world around you.

There’s a whole science behind brain fitness, memory enhancement, and mental acuity. Dr. Amen and Joseph have teamed up to create a cutting edge, never-seen-before certification to help you think better, get more done, lead others, develop skills faster, and skyrocket your joy, confidence, and impact.

If you are a coach, instructor, trainer, speaker, or any other type of leader, expert, or influencer who speaks into the lives and habits of those around you… 

Or if you find yourself lacking resources and insight as a parent, teacher, HR rep, therapist, clergy, or counselor…

AND you want to know how to help people feel better fast and make it last, then you are a perfect fit for this program.

This program is also for you if…

  • You want to make a difference and impact people’s lives
  • You know the power of adding high-level credentials to your name
  • You are looking for science-backed practices to produce tangible results
  • You feel called to join a movement of brain health that’s reaching across the globe
  • You want to implement better practices in your own life

The world needs what you have to offer and the Brain Revolution Dual Certification is going to help you eliminate roadblocks, breakthrough barriers, and expand and improve your new or existing coaching business.

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