What is the Brain Revolution?

The Brain Revolution is made up of a community of thousands of leaders and changemakers that realize that LASTING CHANGE is found in the most powerful tool we possess to change our lives: our brain.

The Brain Revolution Bundle is no longer being sold. However, the programs are being sold separately. You can find more information about Neuroencoding here.


YOUR ACCOUNT/PROGRAM PORTAL for Brain Revolution Customers:

How do I access my account/program portal?

Account/Program Portal login: https://learn.brainrevolution.com/users/sign_in

How do I reset my password?

Visit the login page at: https://learn.brainrevolution.com/users/sign_in

Click on “Forgot Password?” to have your password reset. You will receive an email with instructions.

The password reset did not work, now what do I do?

Please send a password reset request to info@brainrevolution.com

How do I access my programs and lessons?

Login to your account at – https://learn.brainrevolution.com/users/sign_in

Once logged in click, “My Dashboard” to access your programs and lessons.

How do I change my credit card information? 

Login to your account at: https://learn.brainrevolution.com/users/sign_in, click on My Account (top R hand corner of screen) and then Billing (left side of screen menu) – here you can delete or swap out your stored card.


Who do I contact regarding billing & payment issues?

Please send an email request to info@brainrevolution.com


I unsubscribed to emails and I am still receiving them, can you please unsubscribe me to emails?

Yes, please send an email request to info@brainrevolution.com