What is the Brain Revolution?

The Brain Revolution is a made up of a community of thousands of leaders and changemakers that realize that LASTING CHANGE is found in the most powerful tool we possess to change our lives: our brain.

The problem is that most of us don’t understand that our brains have two components to it, much like a computer: hardware and software.

For the first time ever, Daniel G. Amen, MD and Joseph McClendon III, two of the world’s leading brain health experts have come together to help people understand how to combine both the hardware and software of the brain –– all so that they can tap into the power of the brain to improve mindset, energy, and emotional health.

They offer a science-backed, heart-centered plan to a better quality of life, business, and impact and have culminated their work together in the Brain Revolution Summit held on April 10th .


The Summit includes

How to leverage the hardware and software of your brain so you thrive in the four circles of life: Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual.

Key habits that will help you shift into greater mental, emotional, and physical well-being no matter your age, background, strengths, or personality.

Thought-provoking exercises and fun real-world everyday practices you can implement right now for greater joy and confidence.

How you can tap into the incredible power of your brain to think better, get more done, lead others, develop skills faster, and skyrocket your sense of joy and confidence.


Who is Dr. Amen & Joseph McClendon?

Daniel G. Amen, MD is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and brain health experts. His groundbreaking SPECT brain scan studies, books, and speeches have helped millions of people understand and change the “hardware” of their brain.

Joseph McClendon III, PhD is a Doctor of Neuropsychology and sought-after Ultimate Performance Specialists. To date, he has helped millions of people transform the “software” of their brain to shift their mindset, thought patterns, and programming.



How do I access my account/program portal?

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How do I change my credit card information? 

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Who do I contact regarding billing & payment issues?

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I am unable to sign-up for a program, it will not accept my email address, now what do I do?

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